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The 2004/5 Season kicks off on 26th November 2004 in Kuusamo in Finland and continues right through to Planica on 20th March 2021. There are also the World Championships in Oberhof from 19th - 26th February 2021.


During the competition each competitor jumps and receives a score based on style and distance, after the first round the top 30 jump again. The events mostly take place on K-120 hills however there are a few K-90 events and there are also the Ski Flying events on K-185 hills.


 5-6th March: The World Cup tour resumed after the World Championships in Lahti with a Team competition which went the way of Norway who held off the challenge of Finland and Austria. The following day in an individual competition Matti Hautamaeki spoiled Janne Ahonen's homecoming by taking the win with Roar Ljoekelsoey second, Thomas Morgenstern third, Ahonen fourth and Jakub Janda fifth. Over in Vikersund for Continental Cup action there was double success for Janne Happonen. On Saturday Reinhard Schwarzenberger was second and Anders Bardal third. The following day Bardal was second and Schwarzenberger third. Also in Vikersund the Ladies had 2 jumps on the K90 hill with 2 wins for Anette Sagen of Norway. Second on Saturday was Lindsey Van of the US and third was Ulrike Grasser of Germany. On Sunday Line Jahr of Norway was second and Van third.   Results 5th     Results 6th

NEW: 9-20th March: The World Cup tour continued in Scandinavia with jumps in Kuopio taken by Matti Hautamaeki ahead of Roar Ljoekelsoey, Jakub Janda, Adam Malysz and Bjoern Einar Romoeren on the 9th. 2 days later in Lillehammer Hautamaeki was again victorious ahead of Sigurd Pettersen, Lars Bystoel, Janne Ahonen and Michael Uhrmann. On 13th in Holmenkollen there was yet another win for Hautamaeki with Romoeren second, Uhrmann third, Rok Benkovic fourth and Andreas Widhoelzl fifth. In the final events on the Ski Flying hill in Planica there were 2 competitions. On Saturday Hautamaeki increased his total of successive wins to 6 as he very narrowly beat Widhoelzl, Romoeren, Ljoekelsoey and Malysz. In the final event the World record changed hands twice as Romoeren jumped 239.0m to take the win ahead of Ljoekelsoey, Widhoelzl, Hautamaeki and Benkovic. In the last round Ahonen flew to 240.0m but fell and was taken to hospital. On the 12th in Zakopane the final Continental Cup jump was won by Jan Mazoch with Veli-Matti Lindstroem second and Yusuke Kaneko third. On the 12th in Oslo the Ladies held a jump with a Annette Sagen winning with a 128.0m World Record from Lindsey Van and Jessica Jerome.  Oslo 12th. Thanks for this record to Fildena 100

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